Fine Antique Ningxia Chinese Rug - AM171

Product Description

Size 135 x 70cm, 4'5 x 2'4 ft

The Chinese started weaving hand made carpets around 500 years ago, much later than their Persian and Indian counterparts. Hand made rugs were initially introduced by traders to China at that time.

However, it id not take long for home inspired designs on rugs became as classically Chinese as those of other textiles and ceramics.

These old Ningxia rugs are more than 100 years old, woven for temples and noble homes. Often hung rather than placed on floors they show little to no signs of wear. Again, these are suitable for both purposes as inexpensive wall art or a decorative rug.

Hand-made from wool. This rug contains approximately 378,000 knots, and would have taken 63 days to weave and finish.

Every pile rug has a nap so that the pile lies in one direction. This means there is a lighter end and and darker end for each rug which is why there are photographs from both ends.

Clearance rugs are only sold including our top quality German underlay. These clearance rugs can not be shipped, free delivery only within 100 km of Ottawa.  

It has a 10 year non-stick, non-crumble guarantee. To learn more click here.

$1,512.00 $378.00

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