Fine Persian Turkoman Yamut - L33004

Product Description

Size 283 x 207 cm, 9'4 x 6'10

Hand-made in Iran from wool. This rug contains approximately 940000 knots, and would have taken 156 days to weave and finish.

The Yamut are a Persian Turkoman tribe that live in NE Iran. Their output is very limited but their rugs are the classical Tekke or elephant’s foot gul design which symbolises which tribe wove the rug, that is now popularly copied and reproduced in Pakistan. These rugs are woven using the materials readily to hand which is wool. Cotton is harder to come by so these rugs are woven on a woolen warp which makes them feel less rigid but are in fact equally hardwearing. Thus due to their total wool construction they will always require underlay to keep them flat. I have rarely found any of these pieces over the years and they represent exceptional value for a truly authentic Persian Turkoman carpet.

Most pieces from Iran are secondhand coming from the bazaars where we select the best condition pieces and fully refurbish them. These pieces can be between 25 and 100 years old with little or no sign of wear. The advantage is that they have mellowed into colours most suitable for the North American and European markets.

We highly recommend purchasing this rug with our top quality German underlay as it vastly improves the life of your carpet and guards against slipping accidents.

It has a 10 year non-stick, non-crumble guarantee. To learn more click here.

Prices with and without underlay shown below.

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