Fine Persian Husseinabad - L30236

Product Description

Size 303 x 110 cm, 9'11 x 3'7

Hand made in Iran (Persia) in wool. This rug has around 533000 knots and would have taken 89 days to weave and finish.

The bold angular medallions of the rugs associated with the Kurdish weavers in Persia as well as with tribes like the Shahsavan are seen in abundance in the examples of village production of the Kolyai tribe around Sonqur in western Iran, who are the biggest rug producers amongst the Kurds.  The weave is good, the pile dense and the price moderate, making them very popular with western buyers. These rugs are often classified as Hamadan from the market town where they are sold in the bazaar. Most rugs from Iran are old or antique coming from the bazaars where we select the best condition pieces and fully refurbish them. These pieces can be between 25 and 100 years old with little or no sign of wear. To purchase a brand new rug is very expensive and the colours too brash for our taste. The advantage is that they have mellowed into colours most suitable for the North American and European markets and are very inexpensive.

Every pile rug has a nap so that the pile lies in one direction. This means there is a lighter end and and darker end for each rug which is why there are photographs from both ends.

Clearance rugs are only sold including our top quality German underlay. These clearance rugs can not be shipped, free delivery only within 100 km of Ottawa.  

It has a 10 year non-stick, non-crumble guarantee. To learn more click here.

$2,332.00 $583.00

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