Very Fine Persian Kashan - L31501

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Size 340 x 240 cm, 11'2 x 7'10

Hand-made in Iran from wool. This rug contains approximately 2900000 knots, and would have taken 483 days to weave and finish.

The town of Kashan which lies between Qum and Isphahan on the old caravan route which skirts the Great Desert has been famous for its outstanding handicrafts for almost 800 years.  In the late 1530’s Kashan’s fame as a textile centre led to the commissioning by Shah Tahmasp of one of the greatest all-time Persian carpets - the Ardebil, now in the V & A museum London.  The standards set by the weavers of Kashan between 1900 and today, the balance they achieved between all the elements of structure, colour and design - that ideal unity of form and content - have established Kashan in many people’s minds as the home of the very best in carpet weaving.  Kashans being floral must be of necessity a finer weave as only closely woven rugs can be made in curvilinear patterns.

Most pieces from Iran are secondhand coming from the bazaars where we select the best condition pieces and fully refurbish them. These pieces can be between 25 and 100 years old with little or no sign of wear. The advantage is that they have mellowed into colours most suitable for the North American and European markets.

These Very Fine Kashan in the pale beige colours were especially woven for the North American market during the 1920's and 1930's and in a higher knot count utilising kork wools which is a finer long staple wool from under the chin of a sheep. We manage to source a few rugs of this type each year from a longtime friendly Jewish supplier in the Kashan bazaar which finances his retirement.

We highly recommend purchasing this rug with our top quality German underlay as it vastly improves the life of your carpet and guards against slipping accidents.

It has a 10 year non-stick, non-crumble guarantee. To learn more click here.

Prices with and without underlay shown below.

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