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Khal Mohammadi was a Master Dyer in the city of Kabul in Afghanistan around 150 years ago. He started to commission a much higher grade of Afghan carpet using traditional, though more unusual tribal designs. The workshop was eventually taken over by his family after his death and continued in production until World War 2, when the ravages of this time ceased the weaving of these remarkable quality rugs. This means true Khal Mohammadi rugs should be over 50 years old. We currently buy these pieces in the bazaar of Peshawar in Pakistan, as the refugees from the current conflict in Afghanistan bring out with them some of these wonderful examples of the weaver and dyers art. However, we also believe there is new production of these rugs mixed in with the older pieces at the bazaar.

Dark, warm tones of red and brown are often found in Khal Mohammadis.

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