Care and Cleaning of Your Rugs

With proper care, a hand-made carpet will last a long time. Protect it from dampness and direct sunlight. Avoid letting heavy furniture stand for long periods of time on the same part of the rug. The use of suitable underlays will prevent problems such as wear on uneven floors or rugs creeping on fitted carpets.

The fringes and edges are the most vulnerable parts of any carpet. Care must be taken particularly when vacuum cleaning. If the edges or fringes begin to unravel, get a professional to repair them immediately.

If spills occur, prompt action must be taken. If mopped up immediately and thoroughly, tea and coffee will not leave a permanent mark. For sugary liquids use a damp cloth and a detergent solution, while for fatty liquids and wine use a solution of household ammonia (one teaspoon of ammonia to one cup of water). Always make sure that afterwards the affected area is treated with clean water and allowed to dry thoroughly. Every so often, and depending on the type of wear the carpet has been getting, it may need professional cleaning.

The very first step should always to be scoop up or blot excess - and if necessary, blot only in the direction of the pile, thus keeping stain localised.

 If you feel you would like more professional help, here are a few people that we trust and can help you out...

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Peacock Rug Care

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