Natural dye wool kelim - D1088

Product Description

Size 229 x 171 cm, 7'6 x 5'7

Hand-made in Afghanistan from wool. This rug contains approximately 352431 knots, and would have taken 59 days to weave and finish.

Made from hand spun wool and natural dyes, these top quality, fully sewn in, flat weave (no pile) kelims are a very inexpensive and hardwearing rugs. These are not to be confused with their Indian Dhurrie cousins that are made from cotton. Recommended mostly for hard surface floors with our excellent German non-slip underlay. They also make excellent wall hangings, furniture covers or as a big inexpensive piece of art on the wall. Some people use them to reupholster chairs, stools and ottomans.

We highly recommend purchasing this rug with our top quality German underlay as it vastly improves the life of your carpet and guards against slipping accidents.

It has a 10 year non-stick, non-crumble guarantee. To learn more click here.

Prices with and without underlay shown below.

$1,568.00 $560.00

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