Very Fine Ghazni - D1965

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Size 303 x 248cm, 9'11 x 8'2 ft

These rugs are hand woven using hand-spun Ghazni wool which is a rare soft, lustrous and extremely durable wool from the mountain sheep of northern Afghanistan in Ghazni province and probably the best wool in the world for constructing natural dye rugs. All these pieces have been dyed using natural dyes which give these carpets their superb patina and sheen. The dyes are very fast as they are still set under great heat. We have chosen a mixture of Turkoman designs and more classical motifs as well as Arts and Crafts influences for these unique pieces which lend themselves well to this style of construction. These pieces have been woven on a warp of cotton rather than the traditional woolen warp because cotton gives the carpet more rigidity and allows it to lie flatter on the floor. The warp ends (fringes) have been dyed with tea and cut back to give the carpet a more antique look. They have been handmade in Afghanistan and Pakistan by some of the best Turkoman craftsmen available. Fine Ghazni have around 160,000 knots per sq m and Very Fine Ghazni have around 200,000 knots per sq m and upwards.

Hand-made in Afghanistan from handspun Ghazni wool. This rug contains approximately 1202304 knots, and would have taken 200 days to weave and finish.

Every pile rug has a nap so that the pile lies in one direction. This means there is a lighter end and and darker end for each rug which is why there are photographs from both ends.

Clearance rugs are only sold including our top quality German underlay unless other options shown.

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