Very Fine Arts and Crafts - KE1575

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Size 294 x 243 cm, 9'8 x 8'0

Our family has been traveling to the Indian sub-continent for the best part of four decades buying and specifying our purchases of hand-made carpets. The history of weaving in the Bhadohi area of Uttar Pradesh in India goes right back hundreds of years to when the Mogul hordes from Persia overran the northern part of India and what is now Pakistan. Weaving skills were brought to these areas by Persian artisans who settled here after the invasion. They taught the indigenous people these same skills of carpet weaving copying all the various weaving patterns of Persia and Turkey. In many ways the Indian weaver is better than his Persian counterpart weaving straight, flat and almost flawless carpets for a fraction of the price. They often use top grade New Zealand wool being part of the Commonwealth which gives the rug a long-lasting life and lustrous look. Fine and Very Fine Indo-Persians as their name implies are carpets with more knots to the square foot with some containing highlights of silk. To distinguish Indian weaving from Persian weaving the Moghuls removed the central medallion from their designs in what became known as the Agra carpet. These Agras then became synonymous with the Arts and Crafts movement as the deigns were most suitable for their aesthetic, utilizing natural dyes.

Hand-made in India from hand-spun wool and natural dyes. This rug contains approximately 1786050 knots, and would have taken 298 days to weave and finish.

Every pile rug has a nap so that the pile lies in one direction. This means there is a lighter end and and darker end for each rug which is why there are photographs from both.

Clearance rugs are only sold including our top quality German underlay. These clearance rugs can not be shipped, free delivery only within 100 km of Ottawa.  

It has a 10 year non-stick, non-crumble guarantee. To learn more click here.

$7,716.00 $1,929.00

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