Fine Indo-Soumak - KE1482

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Size 150 x 92 cm, 4'11 x 3'0

The term soumak is used to refer to a specific type of hand knotting, which is defined as a technique in which the sequence of the progressive wrapping of warp over weft is consistently forward over and back under. These Indo-soumak pieces are very well constructed in a form known as ‘countered or reverse soumak’ where the direction of the wrapping changes from row to row giving the top surface its chevron effect which is very beautiful. The term ‘reverse soumak’ is also quite rare where the pattern is fully distinguishable on the back of the rug. This means the weaver has to fully enclose the yarn being wrapped into the back of the rug hiding any loose ends. Anyone familiar with original Persian soumak weaving knows that the bac of the rug has the thousands of loose ends hanging out of the back of the rug when turned over. These finishes can only be woven by weavers of the highest skill. They have also used vegetable dyes in the yarns to give these pieces their authentic look and feel and many of the patterns adopted are Arts and Crafts influenced. Although these rugs are flat weaves, they are not at all floppy, extremely rigid and hard wearing and excellent in high traffic areas or where chairs are being moved regularly.

Hand-made in India from hand-spun wool and natural dyes. This rug contains approximately 138000 knots, and would have taken 23 days to weave and finish.

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